Saturday, November 20, 2004

Doublespeak Good

© 20 November 2004, The Griot Poet

Inspired by Jonathan Schell article, “What Happened to Hearts?”:

we will fight
with the steadfast resolve
of an unusual, artful draft dodger-in-chief
along with his veep
who both couldn't be bothered
when they were young men
to shed blood
for a war in Vietnam
that they steadfastly
in others bleedings.

we will fight
with strong delusions
guiding our common sense,
lies becoming truth
as greater than seventy percent
still believe Saddam was a threat
and involved in the attacks of 9-11
despite his rival Osama
referring to him
as an infidel.
oh, well!

we will fight
the constitution
with Patriot Acts I, II, and III,
calling it democracy.

we will fight
and twist words of peace
from Palestinian Prophets
into what Cornell West would call
"Constantine Christian"
diatribes, slogans and dogmas
to shepherd
Noam Chomsky's
"bewildered herd"
into the accepted
network germ:

"war is peace.
"freedom is slavery.
"ignorance is strength."

we who bubble forth like fountains
see George Orwell's prophesy
becoming reality,

and General Tacitus'
becoming most poignant in this season:

"they made a wasteland, and called it peace."

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