Sunday, November 07, 2004


© 3 November 2004, The Griot Poet

1 : 59 billion.
The odds that two guys
With the same background, same frat
Could run
For the presidency.

Most likely,
Some Bonesmen
Decided this selection
In corporate boardrooms.

This is NOT democracy!
This is incorporated reality TV:
“The Apprentice”;
“Big Brother.”

Some other…
Big business,
Government merger
Did this,
Taken over…

I can’t afford
Prayers on tele-evangelist
Prayer cloths to Cornell West's
Constantine Christian
Gods, crossed fingers
Or find 4 leaf clovers.

NEWS FLASH: Jesus did NOT come
To establish empire!

He did aspire
To establish and confirm
Prophesy against
Loud praying,
Pharisee parasitical &
Roman government

His zeal threw
The corporate thieves
Out of the temple.

Confrontation of evil
Face-to-face in
Wildernesses of sin:

It’s not as simple as
Paid speechwriters peppering
Your tone with the
Appropriate biblical catch phrase:
“Wonder working power.”

Problems are not
Simplified into black & white,
Good & evildoer world views.
It’s not as simple as
Stealing mineral spoils
From Venezuela or Iraq;
Drilling the Artic Preserves
For more oil:
Only so many dinosaurs
Contributed to that spoil.

We are in the last act;
The last hour of an
Apocalyptic play that
We blind ourselves to
With dogma, slogans and sound bites.

The recipe for disaster:
377 tons of unaccounted for explosives
Not only help an insurgent’s plight,
It is the right cocktail
For your VERY own
Tactical nuclear
Bunker buster
Without the need for
Multi cluster
Missile delivery systems.

Roll the dice
On pre-emptive strike symptoms:
India and Pakistan’s
Ability to keep
Their nuclear arsenals
From incinerating
Each other
In South Asia.

Because we are
Instinctively frightened
Of the soon-coming reality:

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were PASSED away; and there was NO MORE sea!”

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