Thursday, January 10, 2008

This Butterfly

Dueling poetry between myself, Jason Crowson and Thom the World Poet. © 10 January 2008, TGP

Dueling Banjos - an instrumental song made famous in the movie "Deliverance" (circa 1972), see Dueling Poetry - a free verse conversation between two or more poets; the extension of social and/or political thoughts or ideas; a collaborative, creative work between two or more poets..... Definition by TGP

First: a comment from a poet in Australia (friend of Thom)

truly wonderous
needs to be spread - truth everywhere in cyberspace
splashed red on every highway billboard
shouted loud in every sacred boardroom
recited holy chant at bell-ring stock exchange
rapped in cafes on street
prayed from pulpits of churches
instructed solemnly before every high school student
emailed in font 24 flaming gold to every politician
learnt by heart so we may remember
not to forget

pamela mimi ..............rock on

* * * * *

Now, Thom:

this butterfly is 1000 years old
it weighs 40 tons

it will never fly again
like 400 F18A fighter bombers

never scrambled on September 11,2001
a la orders Dick Cheney

it is the new gold standard
(it will never fly again)

it is Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich
excluded from Presidential debates

it is Dien Bien Phu and Gulf of Tonkin
Straits of Hormutz resurrecting

it is saber-rattling,gunboat diplomacy
brinkmanship and Manifest Destiny

it is a New World Odor
spiraling out of control

like an Amero
or 100 dollar oil

like eagle as threatened species
it is weighed down with pasts

it will never fly
a gain.

Next up, Jason:

it is the myth
that american tensions with iran
started in 1979

and not in the 1950s
when we overthrew a democratically elected government
for a british oil company

it is the delusion
that the weapons and training
we are providing to iraq

will not be used
to kill americans

it is the dementia
to not recall

that the man in pakistan
who spread nuclear technology
across the globe
is a free man

(sure maybe he was under house arrest so please forgive my exaggeration; he did get a slap on the wrist)

it is the insanity to believe
that perpetual war
will result in peace

and what to say
about the weapons

imagine if every disgruntled american teenager
had a AK-47

imagine if every pissed off twenty-something
had a surface to air missile

imagine that
and you can understand what it's like
to live in Sierra Leone

imagine that
and you can imagine Thom’s
one-thousand-year-old butterfly
weighing forty tons

it's wings beating down on us
like the memory of Ronald Reagan

January 10, 2007, reply to Thom

Lastly, moi:

Every butterfly starts as a chrysalis
Suspended animation over the river, Styx.
Skull-faced potentates, blood cousins running "against" each other in elections fixed
By Bilderberg conferences from Oosterbeck:

Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
Richard M. Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
Hillary Clinton
John Kerry
John Edwards
Barack Obama
The Senate...
The Congress...
Ad Nauseam...

All graduates!

This "gentlemen's club" began
When the rights of man were waived due to over-pigmentation of melanin
And African/Arab/Asian/Persian origins
So, moving 700,000 Arabs off Palestine in '48 to form Israel was of no chagrin...
Pimping the Vietnam war on the Gulf on Tonkin lie - no big!
Overthrowing a DEMOCRATICALLY elected government in Iran the beginning of:

Mullah rulers in Iran,
The Taliban
Osama Bin Laden

To keep us divided: they hold "elections"
When since 2000 the veil has been lifted to arcane selection
Processes so occult that they coded it in 1 and 0 hieroglyphs
Arguing the "lesser of evils" between Republicans and Democrats
When they are the left and right wings of Moloch

Owl-faced, wings wide to let the innocent
Fall through
As sacrifice: a "Cremation of Care..."

Over the flames consuming the chrysalis
Of our youth's future ...
Birthing instead of a New World Order
A dark, smoldering cinder
That passing starships will find... and no longer remember!

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Jason Crowson said...

Hello there, thanks for posting this exchange. I'm not sure if I knew about it or not. Seems like I I did but I don't think I've actually read and seen it till now.

Yes, call it dueling poetry, but it also convergent poetry, three poets from different parts of the world writing a single piece without ever having sat down in the same room to write. Very cool.

Jason Crowson