Friday, January 18, 2008

Re: Microsoft seeks patent for office 'spy' software

Dueling Banjos - an instrumental song made famous in the movie "Deliverance" (circa 1972), see Dueling Poetry - a free verse conversation between two or more poets; the extension of social and/or political thoughts or ideas; a collaborative, creative work between two or more poets…. Definition by TGP

© 15 January 2008, Thom the World Poet, © 18 January 2008, The Griot Poet

already here-corporate monitoring
for astronauts,airline pilots,firefighters-
where professionalism allows no error margin

CCCTV a fixture in every Mall
wiretaps and surveillance available
for all law enforcement
the question is not use-more abuse

cell phones bred upskirt porn
Chuck Berry toilet cams
privacy violations

yet GOOGL:E EARTH still reveals details
of military installations
and data mining continues in waves
like identity theft

technology compounds ethics
atrocities get documented

like Khymer Rouge killing fields
and Darfur massacres

we find the corpses
ex post facto

the trick of democracy is to allow rights
not violations

* * * * *

The freest poet on the planet
Is a terrorist named Osama
Who eschews technology
And presto! Transforms himself into
An Islamic invisible boogie man
That like willow-the-wisp, big foot and UFOs can't be detected,
Yet... we leave cookie crumbs in cyberspace
And our tele-screens give us chase
ATM and credit transactions
Our buying patterns
That is data mined
For junk e- and snail mail
From: (take your pick) Nigerian, Russian, European princes
Loaded with unbelievable fortunes
Or lotteries you've never entered
For which you may claim your "prize"
Just give your: name, address and SSN
And like pastor's naive wives
Get robbed cybernetic blind
Until like Winston Smith we'll have a date
For our place beyond the sun
Festooned with rat-caged masks
In our very own "room 101."

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