Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Problem with POWER

Dueling Banjos - an instrumental song made famous in the movie "Deliverance" (circa 1972), see Dueling Poetry - a free verse conversation between two or more poets; the extension of social and/or political thoughts or ideas; a collaborative, creative work between two or more poets…. Definition by TGP

© August 16, 2007, Thom the World Poet

The problem with power
Is that no one in their right mind
Wants nor needs power over others.
O we do not want them to violate our rights
Steal our property or diminish our lives
And we especially do not want bullies to attack
That is why we hire our own bullies-police/military
In a pre-emptive war upon violence
The problem is that our allies attack us
The conundrum is that they confuse themselves with law
They think THEY hold the power!
Have you ever been interrogated by an arrogant functionary?
Control over others' lives is not self-control
It is an invasion/an occupation
Like when the CIA/NSA spy satellites are used
Against our own citizens
And civil liberties are shredded in the name of "Terrorism"
And fear rules, and all rules are broken
By this simple mistake-
Confusing functionaries and agents
As the source of power… You are
And always will be in charge of your life
You are individually responsible for your actions
Every tenet of law and democracy is predicated upon this premise
Which has been violated almost to perdition
Power abuse has led to corporate and political and economic corruption
Just like Rome. Just like Athens. Our ancestors
Had to defend the same values we espouse
Via wars of liberation… Tyrants assume no one will oppose them
Which leads us back to the same question-
If we do not claim our own powers
Someone else will always steal them...
FIX IT! August 16,2007

© 18 August 2007, The Griot Poet

Afghanistan -- the Taliban OFFERED Osama!
Iraq -- with no WMD found under Bush's desk...
The so-called equal branch "formally-known-as" Congress...
The US (In) Justice Department...

And now, in our own back yard
Michael Dell
Faces an S-E-C hell
Of how 17 business quarters of sales... did not exist!

Erikah Badue would say: Oh, sh--! “You better call Tyrone…”

Power players are like actors and prostitutes
Imbued with political nymphomania
Empowered by an apathetic electorate
More sympathetic and involved
If their own American Idol dolls

Paris, Nicole, Brittany and Lindsay
Do a little deserved jail time for acting a FOOL in public!

Feeding on the paparazzi of flash bulbs and notice...

No one in their right mind wants power over others
Because managing one's own life is responsibility enough
Most of those in office would FLUNK the DSM-IV test for mental health,
Like most multinational corporations that have way too much influence on our elections... do.

That doesn’t note the video quote on CNN of two lionesses hunting calves versus an entire herd of water buffalo:

There IS strength in numbers!
(Any wonder why we fail?)

We are the numbers
That can make a difference:

WRITE your Senator, Congressman or Woman: even if you didn't VOTE for them!
Show up at public events, poetry readings
Because if you don't
K-Street lobbyists and green money is the only thing your representatives see.

Don't follow the sick twisted examples of Eddie Murphy and Brian McKnight: VOTE!

Rosa Parks and Dr. King gave their lives
So these FOOLS could make a million dollars
Pimping you on CDs, Broadway and the national box offices
And, any man that jumps from being married to a supermodel to divorcing same, a controversy with a transvestite
To an out-of-wedlock baby by "Scary Spice"
Meanwhile getting engaged to the ex-wife of Baby Face...
Is NOT playing with a full deck!

YOU are that herd of water buffalo to stop a train wreck
Led by the lionesses Bushwhack and Dick that their own parties just don't get
Cowardice and the spice of political office
That pays FULL retirement pensions
To convicted felons

Is the only thing
Keeping them from doing ANYTHING
To your benefit…

Stop looking
For Avatars
From Krypton
With big red S's on their chests...
YOU are that herd of water buffalo to stop a train wreck
Of democracy fleeing the shores of its modern birth
To become the formerly-known-as United States

Descended into the oxy moronic
Charging headlong, powered by apathy
At hypersonic speeds...

To a FASCIST state!

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