Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blogging for Change

Call For Change

(c) 6 November 2006 (on the eve of the election)

"This election is too close to call...
"This election is too close NOT to call!"

We've stalled the constitution,
Habeas Corpus needs a reunion
With laws of governance
That at a glance
Were thrown out on a whim of chance!

Don't be a "football fan" electorate,
Whether you have a Casey Sheehan,
2,800 + of men and women died for us
(655,000 Iraqi cousins of the human family as well)
For pundits who during Vietnam had
"Other priorities" and protected Texas
Skies scoring in the LOWEST percentile
Of pilot candidates, and now advises us
As a previous member of the Texas
"Champaigne Unit"
With NO previous combat experience
"To stay the course!"

I am blogging for change,
On the eve of this election game
I have voted for the opposition
Two weeks before this rendition
Of the democratic experiment:
"A government of laws; not men."

I am NOT voting for the Democrats
As the panacea to this morass:
It was 1994 when this mafioso
Staged the "Contract ON America"
From the Democrat's previous sins.
I'm sure K street is ready to switch it's focus again!

And Tom Delay's mission
To re-RE-district
After the 2000 Census
To ensure a permanent, Republican
Majority in Texas
And the US.

I am blogging for change.

For people who got shot, hosed, beaten
For me NOT to vote,
Would be a sin...

"Fool me once, shame on... shame on... shame on...
"You can't get fooled again!"

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