Wednesday, November 15, 2006

50 Pesos a Day

© 20 October 2006, The Griot Poet

They are the sons and daughters of the Aztecs,

And they went from Vicente Fox-in-the-henhouse to another louse named Calderon

Like: going back-and-forth from John Gotti to Al Capone means anything?

They work for 50 pesos a day.

At the current exchange rate, that's less than 5 bucks, or a little less than $100 American dollars a month.

Which really sucks when the poor – our servants –hollered at the ballet box, outnumbering the elite more than 10-to-1 clamoring for change waiting in the hot Mexican sun.

They got more of the same: different person, same party and no change to their small change of 50 pesos a day.

Their compensation: $100 American bucks, which effectively doubles their meager wages as bellhops, waiters and pages for hustling after tips, which coincides with the going rate for UPSCALE lower class living arrangements!

The same game is played in the states, as the stakes are NAFTA, CAFTA & FREE TRADE for the Americas: the political elite only change horses midstream to make you and I think we have a choice in this horserace.

As our high-tech jobs fly overseas at breakneck pace, the fastest growing employment is in the service industries: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, grocery and department stores, waiters, maids and butlers.

Things that make you go: "hm!"

The only recompense is political independence from a two-party system more skilled in playing our political heartstrings than solving real problems beyond the Washington beltway!

The only recompense is political independence before we have a country we all deplore:

Waking up to a "Brave New World" of Code Orange threats and getting by on

50 pesos a day!

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