Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Invasion of Forrest Gump

© 21 April 2006, The Griot Poet

"Today there is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence." Martin Luther King, Jr.

We have been invaded by “Looney Tunes,”
The freaking CRAZIES have entered the room
President Duck Dodgers-in-chief
Has a decades missed date with reality to keep.

He “hears the voices”… but of who?
It’s from the “cuckoo’s nest” where that comment flew!
One more Long Island Iced Tea than he should have bothered.
He says he answers to a higher Father,
I have no qualms or bother with his religious beliefs
Except it shouldn’t be the basis for global policy and domestic relief
(Especially in New Orleans!)

His VEEP, Sir Elmer Fuddle the first did one more draft deferment than needed.
Had he heeded the call of his country,
His quail/fish-in-a-barrel shooting skills might-have-been a little less shabby!

He is a pacemaker glitch from the “big one!”
Slurring his speech like he’s in the first throws of a stroke,
Yet, he’s the privileged son we have in a secret bunker
To keep order in case Duck Dodgers goes AWOL again?

Dodger’s approval rating is one degree just above freezing,
Congress is THREE below that
Elmer’s TWELVE below them… Shh! Be very, very quiet!
In this morass, we’re hunting common sense.

It is to the chagrin of sense
That we are in this present mess
Fed by co-religionist rapture theories
Listen: no parent gives absolutes to any punishment,
So why do you box God into the role of warrior-tormenter for the last judgment?

And when did He attach a nuke to his promise to come back?

Refresher: During the Cold War, M.A.D. stood for Mutually Assured Destruction,
And Carl Sagan computerized and prophesied a “nuclear winter.”

Since Yeshua Himself said “no man knows the time or the hour”
How do you have the power to see that tactical nukes are the key to our salvation?

The only oblation that makes sense
Is that you are “the man of sin”; “the son of perdition” the “6-6-6”
Along with your 3-6 Mafia cabinet of Vulcan fools…
Fixing elections as a matter of rule.
Decrying gay marriage, Terry Shiavo, and “family values”
While families suffer from your brazen rule.
Your brain Karl Rove is a college flunkout,
Yet, he advises you on how to appeal to baser views
On hot-button issues designed to motivate the electorate to move
On things that will not prosperity net them,
Yet in the end, pay off your rich friends.

The one prophesy I’ll leave you with for what it’s worth:
“The meek, not the rich, will inherit the earth!”

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