Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Prayer For Australia

© 20 March 2006, The Griot Poet

Sent to Thom the World Poet (an Aussie Poet and Friend in Austin, Texas)

My prayers to your countrymen…
The chagrin of “ignorance is strength”
Is the proper Orwellian quote,
Not the “bliss” misquoted and we note that
Global warming like evolution is not a "theory"
That can be ignored due to it not playing well politically
With “the base,”
Which is the literal translation of the phrase “Al-Qaeda."
Shall we then devolve to Neanderthals
For the prediction that Einstein made
(though not one for prophecy)
Was chilling in any age:
"I do not know what weapons they'll use in the Third World War.
"But it is assured in the fourth; they will be sticks and stones."
Shall we deplore factual gathering as moribund
as tsunamis, earthquakes and cyclones wreck biblical havoc
On Asia, New Orleans and now Australia?
On shores we could protect
were we not connected to political bloodsuckers
more intent on winning than dominion; on domination than governing?

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