Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ayn Rand

"Ayn Rand encapsulates in a very powerful way this drift [away from Christian values], especially with the rise of the tea party which is in many ways very un-Christian," AVN Executive Director Eric Sapp told Raw Story in an exclusive interview. "There's a lot of political pressure to combine the Christian right with that new, powerful tea party movement on the right. Ayn Rand kind of puts the point why Christians need to be very, very wary of those who are trying to do so."

I posted this link: [Badly] Needed to be Sad (Again) regarding previous VPOTUS Richard Cheney, regarding his telling Senator Patrick Leahy to go "f--- himself." I used the phrase: The party that "Co-opted God."

I've said, over and over, Republican politicians are pimping the evangelicals like Democratic politicians pimped latino and black voters. They say what everyone needs to hear to get their vote, then diligently and deliberately forget their promises and go to work for their real benefactors on Wall Street.

Ask yourself: is THIS what Jesus would do? Is this what a so-called "Christian nation" would do? Whether you believe or not, if they laud Ayn Rand, they are either fulfilling another agenda covertly and using religion as the "Opiate of the People" to manipulate crowds to their bidding, or they are idiots?

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