Sunday, February 03, 2008

even sunshine makes shadows...

Thom the World Poet and the Griot Poet
© 26 January 2008, TTWP, TGP

Dueling Banjos - an instrumental song made famous in the movie "Deliverance" (circa 1972), see Dueling Poetry - a free verse conversation between two or more poets; the extension of social and/or political thoughts or ideas; a collaborative, creative work between two or more poets…. Definition by TGP

killing of journalists women children innocents
indiscriminate bombings.deliberate malice
collective punishments.torture.denial of essential services
Ghandi.Martin Luther King.Kennedy-shot down
message being-"we can kill anyone " assassins
on government payrolls.CIA renditions.prisons.
KNOWING this is wrong-and still permitting...
history being wars.peace a dove torn by war hawks.
half Austin budget going to APD.
TAZERS on musicians.Shootings of blacks.
Three patrol cars for one driving offense
Unprofessional conduct scoring top salaries.
No accountability.No oversight.No civilian authority.
Pentagon war budget blowout/Halliburton contract fraud
Blackwater killings .Brown&Root.As above-so below
Do not blame the victims for resistance to violations
Bill of Rights.Constitution.Impeachment.War Crimes Commission.
NUREMBERG 2008 Jan 26

* * * * *

even sunshine makes shadows...
and, in the depths of its hallows
lurks the modern equivalent
of saber-tooth's...
forces made malevolent
by occult ritual
meant only for the "initiates"
from college sororities and fraternities
to ivy skull-brained-frat-brat-packs
throughout histories
in the not-to-hidden mysteries
of power-absolute-corrupt...

as our ancestors, our survival
is dependent on our abrupt
detect of the snap of a twig, the
read of the scent on the wind...

we each play "social sudoku,"
primates upright,
pictographs to hieroglyphs
to binary 0 and 1 codes in
Old and New Testaments
looking to "connect-the-dots"
[J.F.] Kennedy-Evers-Gandhi-Malcolm-Martin-[R.F.] Kennedy

Bay of Pigs-Civil Rights-Crushing British Empire-UN Crimes Against Humanity-Vietnam Opposition-Manchurian Candidate Assassin Sirhan CIA Conditioned...

and "a new Pearl Harbor" mentioned
in "Rebuilding America's Defenses"
by the Project For a New American Century
that the signatories conveniently find
themselves in the current administration
and their written oblation
was the blueprint for the invasion
that from the grave Saddam admits bluffing, evasive
on weapons of mass destruction
political slight-of-hand
to confound his arch nemesis Iran...

Martin Luther King stated "either nonviolence or nonexistence"
now Guantanamo prisons
citizen's CIA renditions
to rogue countries not bound
to democracy
or "quaint" Geneva Conventions

and now,
our leader a bust
found deceptive to US
to orchestrate a slaughter
based on draconian ideologues
and dialogues
with "higher fathers"
in empty rooms
no different
[let's hope not: our destiny]
than his fraternity's "tomb"...

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