Friday, December 07, 2007

Instant Writing #39

A piece created between myself and my publisher...

© 7 December 2007, The Griot Poet

Dueling Banjos - an instrumental song made famous in the movie "Deliverance" (circa 1972), see Dueling Poetry - a free verse conversation between two or more poets; the extension of social and/or political thoughts or ideas; a collaborative, creative work between two or more poets..... Definition by TGP

No keyboard before me on which to type
my words get punched into the night
by the vibration of sound and
I recite verse free from
the incarceration of time,
meter, measure, rhyme,
my message is louder
than Strunk's hold
on grammar ... so you hear it,
no matter what I say ... and
my speech gets spoken
even though it's unwritten,
I need neither writers
nor politicians to compose
thoughts for me ... my
vocabulary merges with meaning
until deserving sentences write
themselves ... and no editor
dare omit a word ...
least they be found guilty of
treason against
the law of poetry.

The court is now in session,
formality makes indiscretion
obsolete ... as we ...
kneel, bow, and pray
to congressional hymns
that have sown their way
into our traditions ...

"Oh say does that star spangled banner
yet waive ...?"

Chinese slaves built America's railroads
and many of them are buried today
beneath the tracks
over which our passenger trains run [past]
like clockwork ...

our prison is made by a system of bars
called minutes ... and these are forged of neither steel,
nor mortar, but confining still---each believer
behind bars of their own private cell
called: freewill ...

it's an open campus penitentiary
where slaves study the subject of servitude
and every student makes the grade ...
or gets forced to repeat the lesson
until they can recite the lie
in unison
with the masses ...

we are new and improved slaves
and our chains are made of
zero's and one's ...
classism is the new bondage
and I am ...

prisoner number 310-02-6624
reporting for mass ...

holy father ... forgive my trespasses
and make all my gas receipts
tax deductible ... least my enterprise
show a profit and I be made liable
to pay for my freedom ...

see ...

a 13% tax caused the Boston Tea Party,
yet, we pay 38% today
and are more than willing to keep our mouths shut
just to keep from being
audited by the IRS ...
which is about as federal
as Federal Express,
by the way,
the IMF has funded
BOTH sides of every
and these are the same people
from which we borrow the funds
to buy our homes ...

and I don't want to know anything more ...
and neither do you ...

because it's hard to hear that Prescott Bush
funded Adolf Hitler ... and it's difficult to swallow
the concept of multi-national obfuscation ...

but let us look on the bright side ...

at least most people don't know
obfuscation means.

* * * * *

The words you type ring clear,
Yet, truth is not what we want to hear...
"Truthiness" is the metaphor
Coined by those who obfuscate/confuse by
Their own forked tongues "creating their own realities"
And openly despise the "reality-based community"
That don't cooperate on their tripped-out fantasies
Of PNAC/Pax Americana world domination conspiracy theories...
I use the forward slash to define/educate
those that don't know the meaning...

No pole left or right
Will vote to cut Campaign Finance
from the true masters of the dance
we call "elections"...
The elite in each country throughout time, given reflection
Loath democracy
And give us the hypocrisy
Of rigged elections, writer's strikes,
Prima Dona divas like
Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie and Brittani Spears
To entertain our eyes/misdirect our ears/snowball us
As the US
With the stroke of a pen
Becomes the North American Union
(from the former US, Canada and Mexico)
And the numbing, dumbing drone
Of the obvious oxymoron’s:
So-called "Reality TV" and "fair and balanced news..."

Not that I advocate this,
But famous suicides are rampant:
Cho-Seung Hui, Megan Meier, and Robert A. Hawkins
Of the Virginia Tech Massacre, Myspace teen suicide and Omaha mall shootings respectively

While some of us in the "reality-based community" write
Fighting with pens and electrons in cyberspace
Those without expression or voice choose to check out of this place
And in their quiet or violent passage
Point to the hypocrisy, lies and disasters
Building empires from former democracies make!

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