Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Essay - Impeachment: NOW!

I must insist that impeachment CANNOT be off the table!

What happened 7/2/2007 with Mr. Libby's commuted sentence is example of a White House and Executive Branch that thinks itself above the US constitution and the law. We have a Vice President that is conveniently a part of his OWN branch of government -- the US of Cheney -- when giving over documents to the National Archives is "inconvenient" to him.

In TheHill.com 7/2/2007, "Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) told Vice President Dick Cheney to 'resign or face impeachment' Thursday night as three more House Democrats lent their support to a plan to impeach the vice president."

Ms. Valerie Plame Wilson was responsible for interdicting Weapons of Mass Destruction [I believe we have a 'Global War on Terror,' so it might be important]. Her cover and the networks set up by Brewster Jennings cannot be recovered and information we could now KNOW about Iran cannot be gathered. If that is not a "high crime and misdemeanor" I don't know what is.

Greater than 3,500 American lives, men and women, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons have been wasted for a lie based on Weapons of Mass Destruction that NEVER existed, that only exist now in the President's, Vice President's and Ann Coulter's deluded minds!

This pardon makes me wonder if we will remain a democratic republic, or slide the propagandized, slick road to a fascist dictatorship.

In Free Speech (for NOW),

The Griot Poet, © 3 July 2007

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