Monday, June 12, 2006

At What Cost?

© 12 June 2006, The Griot Poet

When we integrated: our high schools became middle schools; our middle schools elementary, our colleges secondary.

The teachers who cared for us as 2nd mothers and fathers systematically retired, placed on medical or disciplinary leave or fired!

Suburban districts of white flight could not find suitable teacher candidates of color to hire (therefore, fewer black principals in their municipality).

“Soccer moms”: soccer, a slang term from England for “football association.” Women preening like peacocks with children in parks, a hybrid between the regal bird, Jewish American Princesses and WASPs as their men in the height of nepotism gave themselves the top salaries, rapid promotions, spiffs, bonuses, accelerators and stock options while they kicked us and our collective assets to the curb!

The WASPs further stung us numb as we lapsed into the somnambulism of sitcom unrealism: Cliff and Claire Huxtable set us up to have under performing children indulged by the wealth of overextended lifestyles and paycheck-to-paycheck slavery.

Someone has to stay home with the babies before pharmaceutical companies addict them to reconstituted forms of cocaine, lowered life goals, self-esteem and expectations.

When we integrated: we set up idols of wood, stone and cul-de-sacs in “master”-planned communities,
- In “master”-planned communities,
- In “MASTER”-planned communities,

Achieving the right to get in debt, get on the high speed Internet and shop in the same malls, our creature comforts stalled our spiritual progress.

Our secular god, knowledge was replaced by “Pimp My Ride ©” and “bling - bling.” Asians and Anglos study hours to capture global industries versus the 1 in 16,000 chance of landing a spot as a pro athlete!

Our churches, synagogues and mosques became overpopulated with women holding out hope to find a leader-protector-lover: only to find the conversation after preaching no different than the previous night’s venture at the club/meat market.

So, our women began “shaking their assets” in gangster lean hip hop video fantasies, female capitalists passed around from bed-to-bed by masters of staccato poetry: just like their mothers had been previously in choir robes by revered pastors.

No roots to Public Enemy or KRS-1, the corporate formula for hip POP from Cornel West = highly sexed, violent and ignorant.

A successful CONINTELPRO operation: the black messiahs Medgar, Malcolm and Martin assassinated,

When we integrated: we went from strong aromatic roast to watered-down coffee, highly creamed, over-sugared to be the “acceptable taste.”

Form without substance; talent at a waste.

Not realizing in our buffoonery

We are weak!

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