Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Prayer For Amy

© 11 February 2006, The Griot Poet
Amy Green Dickerson
Sunrise: 7 February 1915. Sunset: 3 February 2006
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints, Psalms 116:15

We laud those assembled here
For the home going of our precious Mother Dear.

Many a summer we can remember
Visiting before the rigor of school in September

How HAPPY she’d be to see us…
That lasted about a day!

After that welcome,
She’d task a detailed list of chores for us

Keeping us too busy for Satan’s mischief,
Making us render due reverence at each meal served.
We read the Bible; studied the Word, learned from her example how to pray.

Though diminutive in stature, she was a WARRIOR on her knees:
Supplexing principalities and pimp-slapping demons
Petitioning God-Almighty for the life of her assaulted husband Horace,
A noble soldier in the Civil Rights struggle
And each blessed one of her children’s, children’s children.

Mother Dear imparted “her mind, her will, her imagination, her emotions and her intellect” to you

It is this soul-glue that holds this family together
To weather the storms of wars;
Economic downturns and political struggle…

“What hath God wrought,” Samuel Morse, from this man of God and this matriarch?

All those chores she had you do,
And the beatings she’d administer with the switch you’d pursue
Imparted her character: “never quit, never give up”
To each one of you…

She breathed out her spirit long before this assemblage.

The tears we cry of her spirit’s departure, but not as those without hope!
We will se her again in that great day of freedom, “true North”
In the air with the LORD
And beyond the fear of violence, death or rope

“Jesus wept.”

And afterward, raised Lazarus like He will Mother Dear and each one of us.

Have HOPE and not distress!

Heaven has gained three noteworthy angels:

Rosa Parks;
Corretta Scott King;
And Amy Green Dickerson…

And “Pa-Pa” is reunited with his princess!

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