Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Lament of Global Lynching

© 11 October 2005, The Griot Poet

We are “Amusing Ourselves to Death”
In pantomime rhythm with the mission of “big brother”: deception and derision.
Skull & Bone Trilateral conspiracies: a global, hydra hegemonic manipulation of presidential elections, like Jepetto played Pinocchio: heresy!

Each action of our so-called “democracy” is merely the bargain basement selection of the next “American Idol”: version 1.0 with southern drawl and sax, version 2.0 with southern drawl and cowboy hat!

Ahem: both graduates of Yale.

We got the “kissing cousins” in the last national fire sale; clever and blood lined to playboy Hugh Hefner.

And the elite has us railing at each other in arguments, speeches, threatening violence and chicken flinch (for them, people we’ll never meet) in a national and global application of the letter by Willie Lynch!

Our reality is someone’s Straussian fantasy.
And our “reality shows” a Faustian shell game,
With corporate owned news numbing us and dumbing down our minds
With the kind of control Hitler and Mussolini only DREAMED of!

Now, we can download our dogma and diatribes at light speed
Without the need to feel the least guilty for not using our gray matter
Feeding our thought process with the prattling manipulative chatter
Of radio talk show hosts’ diatribe rants,
Pushing agendas with repetitive chants
Using “bogey men” fears to quack us in our pants… to our chagrin.

As our way of life is in the warped justice balance of MADMEN!

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