Friday, May 06, 2005

April 30, 2005

© April 30, 2005, The Griot Poet

April 30, 2005:
Thirty years after the fall of Saigon,
Now Ho Chi Men City,
Truth and Tet Offensives
Get kind of gritty
As political parties – Donkeys and Grand Old Parties both look like asses
Having their hands covered in the blood of saints that Pilate’s goblet
Cannot wash away.

Today, in 1945
A tyrant, still for strange reasons revered, killed himself most cowardly,
A bullet for him and poison for his 24-hour wife, Eva Braun,
A man who may have been secretly a closet homosexual
And openly killed his fellows, Gypsies and the relatives of his Jewish mother
In a six-million plus human slaughter
Encouraged by Ottoman efficiencies in the murder
Of Armenian Christians
And their wholesale “Ministry of Truth”
Treatment of Orwellian “un-person” histories…

This mystery of this iniquity
Can easily be solved:
When evil wants to rear its head,
It does so when activists and poets do not have the resolve
To declare the truth
And remove the spiritual scales from the eyes
Of the “bewildered horde”
“Entertained to Death”
By “fair and balanced” news and reality show media outlets.

April 30, 2005:
Is a date that spiritually resonates in our history
One of the four shortest months of the year remembered in the short ditty:
“Thirty days has September, April, June and November”:
If this is the end of April showers to usher in May Flowers

Then let our light sabers curse the darkness
And hear the words of poet prophets
And give land colonized by occupying armies back to the people who live on it
Replacing not one tyrant like Saddam with another like Ahmad Chalabi
Replacing not truth with lies about “weapons of mass destruction”
It is our function to purge the earth of Sith Lords that see life in black-and-white “us versus them” terms.
Shoulder shrugs from apathy are deadly!
I dedicate myself to this for as long as I am blessed alive…
For what will they say about us on April 30, 2035?

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