Wednesday, December 29, 2004

One Third Were Children

From my good friend in poetry, Thom the World Poet,

The numbers of dead still shocking-
what struck to the bone is this
one third of all dead were just children
who could not escape this
Not boys in body bags from wars still boiling
not child soldiers in wars still fighting
more those poor you see in all Third World photos
born into life as short as they are
gone from us.Never known now.Mass graves,ungrieved
buried at the speed of waves rising on blue days
in random numbers.Held under in waters
rising above their small sizes.They could not run
fast enough away.Their bodies matchstick stay
until burial among all the detritus of this day-
Kyoto Protocols,Global Warming,Greenhouse Effects
and every scientific warning (posthumous)
which locates the source of the wave
and the cause of their graves
in those First World emissions
from SUVs and coal mines
denuding of forests
black strap highways
cities of heat emitting waves
that drown our own children
make Third World slaves
of a dinosaur lifestyle.
They died out too(over time)
Time has run out for our children
and that fossil fuelled motor engine

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